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Herby OlschewskiI’m a big fan of common sense… and prefer to deal with people who share the same sentiment. Please use this website… ONLY if you understand that a) I do my best to provide a great service at all times. b) You do so at your own risk. I’m not perfect and there are times when poop happens. C’est la vie. Thank you for making use of all the tools and resources, with eyes wide open. If you choose to use the products and services I suggest, always question the suppliers you are dealing with, what you are committing to… and live with the consequences… if and when things go wrong. We strive to make sure all products and services I recommend are tried, tested and provide value for money. Caveat emptor!

Here is a summary of the terms of use…

  • Everything I do here is FOR PROFIT.
  • NO donations are accepted whatsoever.
  • I’m not a company, but rather sole proprietor.
  • My revenue comes primarily from affiliate programs.
  • We use cookies to track user movements on my sites.
  • Some links and graphics have affiliate codes attached.
  • There is no need to pay to participate in my programs.
  • Some initiatives do offer an optional membership path.
  • Your affiliate income will vary according to your efforts.
  • I do not participate in any network marketing, aka MLM.
  • I detest hype and do not utilize any pressure selling tactics.

"Remember that you use this site, products & services, entirely at your own risk!" ~ Herby

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